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Do you really need to use Autotrader to find a new Cadillac in Oklahoma? We sure don’t think so, and as we have 38+ years of experience on the matter, we like to think we’re right.
Cadillacs in Oklahoma City and Edmond Oklahoma are a symbol of achievement, and we at John Vance Cadillac take great pride in helping deliver that experience to your driveway. We carry the entire new Cadillac lineup including the goliath SUV that is the new 2021 Escalade.

If you’ve not experienced the giant that is the new Cadillac Escalade, you’ll need to take it for a test drive today in Edmond. It’s packed with myriad comfort and technology features that make handling this three-row SUV an absolute pleasure. You’ll know it’s a new Cadillac from the moment you open the door, and you’ll be reminded as you soak in the splendor of your surroundings.

Would you prefer something somewhat more compact?

You’re looking for the new Cadillac XT4 in Edmond Oklahoma. While it is a significantly smaller option than the previously referenced Escalade, this Cadillac doesn’t minimize the luxurious experience provided in the new XT4 at all. You’re still getting undeniably cool available options like a sunroof that spans from the front to the back of the new Cadillac XT4 at John Vance Cadillac.

You’re even getting access to premium packages like the Cadillac cold weather package that supplies not only heated seats for the first row, but also supplies heated seats for your backseat passengers. Your hands will stay warm thanks to the new XT4’s heated steering wheel, which will make Oklahoma winters a breeze.

What about a new Cadillac in Oklahoma City that’s one step up from the XT4?

Meet the new Cadillac XT5. Oklahoma City Cadillac dealerships can’t deliver the experience that John Vance Cadillac can, and that includes buying a new XT5. You’re still getting the panoramic sunroof that has become a must-have, and you don’t have to miss out on

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