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When you’re looking for more information about the new Cadillac Escalade, you call John Vance Cadillac. It’s just what you do.

We’ve been selling cars for over 38 years, and we’ve learned just about everything there is to know about Cadillacs and Cadillac repair in that time. It’s why we offer the full package, not just a quick sale and wave goodbye.

We’re based in Edmond Oklahoma, and if you’re from the area, you’ll know that this is a major spot for Cadillac ownership. It seems like every other neighborhood has dozens of 2021 Escalades in driveways, and we’re okay with that. Hulkin SUVs are in vogue at the moment, which is a good thing for the Cadillac lineup, as it features a wide array of SUVs to satiate any personality or lifestyle.

Like we mentioned earlier, however, it isn’t just selling vehicles that grabs our attention. We’re passionate about providing certified Cadillac service at our Edmond repair shop. We can fix that weird engine noise you’ve been hearing in your 2020 Cadillac CT4, and we can fix just about any other issue your car is serving your way at a price that makes sense.

While inventory is down at the moment due to situations beyond our control, our selection of new Cadillac is slimmer than normal, but the ones we do have are beautiful examples of what this brand is all about.

Sure, everyone knows the name of the Escalade, but what about newer options like the new 2021 Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury in Edmond?

It’s a bit smaller than the illustrious Escalade, but the comfort and luxury is certainly not any less comprehensive than in the Cadillac flagship vehicle. A keyless start and heads up display showcase the futuristic direction these vehicles are headed in, but modern-staples like cooled and heated seats reinforce that yes, this is the standard right now.

You’ll even drive off of the lot with features that make driving safer and easier than ever. Lane keeping assist keeps you firmly centered in your lane, while the cross-traffic alert ensures you’re totally aware of who’s where in relation to your new Cadillac in Edmond.

If you’d rather find out what’s so special about the new Cadillac lineup by learning firsthand, just schedule a test drive or view our full inventory here.

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